Manual to work with me

Goal of this page: To have better interaction with people I interact with, as I share how I believe I behave and how you can get the most out of me.
I believe many frustrations in the workplace (even in other places actually) happens because expectations are not clear. I find valuable to take some time to understand how to deal with the people I deal with; you might too.
It's a work in progress and your feedback and help is most welcome!! Drop me a message if you feel I missed something or want to complain.

This "manual" is based on various self-analysis tools I know, including Peter Drucker's work.

How do I learn?
I'm a visual person! I learn and understand better when I see something. Therefore, I suggest you send me written notes when you want to discuss something with me; Or at least bring written summary during the meeting.

What are my preferred communication methods?
I prefer asynchronous methods: ie. email and SMSs.
Phone calls are not searchable and copy/pastable (how do I go to a map of this address you mentioned?), making them useless once they are ended, and the phone calls also are most of the time totally inefficient due to bad connection, accent issues (most of my communication are with international people... they need to understand my french accent, and I need to understand their accents!).

I enjoy face-to-face communication for brainstorming purposes, and cases where other methods do not work.

Next steps should always be included, with an expected date/time. That helps managing expectations and keeping both person free to execute on their side within the expected timeframe.

How to communicate on Instant Messengers and other synchronous tools?
If you start the conversation, go to the main point as soon as possible: Tell me what you have to say or ask me what you have to ask.

What if I behave a way you don't like?
Just tell me!
I want to have fun working, and I want others to have fun too.

How do I work with others?
I believe in auto-motivation and management by motivation.
Something for which there is no motivation will not be done. I try to motivate others to do what they should do; and I expect to be motivated to do what I have to do.

Do I work best in big or small organisation? 
Small organisations are the one I feel good in: low politics, action oriented.

What's next?
I am action oriented and like to know what are the next steps. (Next step can be to do nothing by the way)

How I like to progress?
While breakthroughs are attractive, I like incremental progresses: It gives very actionable plan, with improvement visible along the way. A 1% improvement per day is achievable on a daily basis, and produces radical changes longer period of time!

How fast do I answer emails?
Pretty fast usually! I try to keep my inbox clean. I still take more times to answer sometimes; mainly because I think I will provide a better answer in the future than right away... which is just procrastination. Send me a nice reminder if you expect an answer you did not get yet.

How fast do I expect answers?
I understand that someone may have more important priorities than answering to me. However if it's something where you are expected to answer, I appreciate to be informed of when I can expect a full answer. It makes the wait faster and avoid having to remind multiple times in the meantime.

Fairness and integrity are priorities for me. If I don't feel someone behave fairly with me, I have no intention of dealing with this person anymore.


I try to be very focus on actionable things. If you feel I divert while brainstorming, please bring me back to the topic you want to discuss, I will appreciate.

I can send dozens of ideas on a short period of time... many of which have to be refined... hence I like people who can assimilate many ideas and build on it.

Morning or evening?
Evening! I try not to use an alarm to wake up, letting my body wakes up as he sees fit.

Silence or noisy background?
I don't mind having people talking or playing music around... it gives me a musical background that I usually like. And if I really feel I don't want noise distraction, I will use head-speakers or go in a calm place; no need for you to worry.

Version 1.4.0: April 28, 2012.